About Artisan Jewelry by Felicia

Felicia means happiness and my hope is that wearing a beautiful piece of unique hand crafted artisan jewelry made with real gemstones, pearls and/or silver, will make you happy. Every piece of jewelry in my collection is designed and handmade by me, Felicia.  Sometimes we want to wear something beautiful, that is not mass produced, that is unique, and that makes us feel good about ourselves. Presenting unique pieces of jewelry art to you on this site makes me happy because I get to share with you the fruits of my labor, a labor of love. 

Making and designing jewelry is my passion and it makes me happy. I'm inspired by the colors of nature from the California beach town that I live in, as well as from my travels to the tropics in other countries. I enjoy buying beads from the source, and incorporating them into my designs.  For example, if you see Thai Karen Hill Tribe or Bali silver beads listed in a design, know that they are real silver, and that they come from silver smiths in Thailand and Bali whos families have been making their silver beads for generations.  I enjoy working with Balinese silversmiths to design beads exclusively for 'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' and thus some of the silver beads and buttons that you see in my designs are only available within this brand.

'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' designs are comfortable to wear, and extremely versatile.  All necklaces are adjustable in length and soft to wear around your neck. Many designs can be worn as a long necklace with a pendant that can be easily removed.  You can then wear the same piece as a 5x wrap bracelet, or a double necklace.  This versatile jewelry design is especially nice to take with you when you travel because one piece can be worn in different ways and will go with many different outfits.  I keep the same idea in mind with the pearls and gemstones that are incorporated into the designs.  Most can be worn with many different colors of clothing, making them versatile pieces to own.

'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' designs go well with both casual and dressy clothes.  'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' collections are sold in clothing stores from a clothing design company in California called XCVI. I love to design collections to go with their color palates for each season. Please see the gallery for pictures of my jewelry designs with XCVI outfits.

In my teens I was stuck in the hospital for 5 months recovering from a car accident. My best friend visited and gave me a gift of turquoise and silver beads.  She taught me the basics of stringing and crimping and I started to design and create beaded jewelry.  Soon the doctors and nurses were asking to buy my designs to give as holiday gifts to their families.  

This was the start of a rewarding hobby as I went off to a university, began a career in the software industry and had a family.  Over the years I sold my designs in local stores and at holiday boutiques.  At some point I joined some friends to take a beading class at the local adult education center. I was floored when I realized I had started a jewelry business with the knowledge of only one and a half beading techniques. At night school I learned so many new techniques that I could now come up with unlimited design ideas.  My creative tendancies were ignited by my teacher and mentor, Laura Gasperinni.  I learned new techniques such as working with leather, silk knotting and wire wrapping.  I began incorporating crochet and macrame' skills that I learned as a child from my grandmother into my beadwork designs.

Another inspiration for my designs was found during my travels to Bali and Thailand.  There I found silver beads made by traditional silversmiths and I wanted to do something to keep their traditions alive.  Incorporating Balinese and Thai Karen Hill Tribe silver into 'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' designs became a part of the brand for this reason.

So what sets 'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia designs apart from the competition?  Each piece is designed and hand made by the artist in Santa Barbara, California.  Most pieces can be purchased at a reasonable price and are one of a kind jewelry designs made with real gemstones, pearls and/or silver.

Please enjoy looking at the 'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' necklaces on this website and/ or in any of the stores listed below.  If you see something you like, you may purchase from this website directly.  Please contact Felicia if you are interested in a particular design in another gemstone or with another pendant, or if you are interested in carrying 'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' designs at your store.  I sincerely hope you find a beautiful piece of jewerly that makes you feel happy.

Artisan Jewelry by Felicia is for sale in the following stores and galleries*:

Wonder - Curators of Beautiful Things - Arlington Plaza  324 State St. #C, Santa Barbara, CA  93101        

XCVI La Cumbre Plaza - 3825 State St., Ste E142, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

XCVI Kierland Commons - Biltmore Fashion Park  -   2502 E. Camelback Rd #134, Phoenix, AZ 85016

XCVI The Gardens on El Paseo - 73-585 El Paseo, Ste A-1118, Palm Desert, CA 92260

*Note: Please contact Felicia through this website if you are interested in carrying 'Artisan Jewelry by Felicia' in your store and purchasing jewelry at wholesale prices.  A store purchase contract will be sent upon request.